GRACES-HD Heavy-duty Escalatos

GRACES-HD escalator series heavy duty escalator is another masterpiece of our company after the introduction of GRACES series ordinary escalator. This heavy duty escalator is applicable to the public transport field with heavy traffic such as airports and subway stations. It is safe, efficient and reliable.

freight elevator price
freight elevator price

Features of GRACES-HD Heavy-duty Escalatos

  • PC10-FA1000 microcomputer control system newly developed by IFE, double 64 bit processor, built-in fault display and analysis system, integrated remote monitoring system, can be connected with the BMS management system of the subway station. This system has the characteristics of large storage capacity, fast processing speed, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, etc., which can ensure the safe and reliable operation and management of the escalator.

  • Drive spindle: the drive spindle, sprocket and connecting fish plate are made of high-quality steel, and high-quality automatic self-aligning roller bearings are used.

  • Step guide rail: high-quality profiled profiles are used to ensure sufficient bearing capacity and smooth operation.

  • Handrail: It is made of high-quality rubber material with high anti-aging performance. The driving mode is the friction wheel driving mode with reliable operation. The polyamine pressure pulley device with long service life and low failure rate is used to increase the driving friction of the handrail to ensure the reliability of operation.

  • Metal truss: It is welded with high-quality profiles, and the overall surface is hot-dip galvanized.

  • Drive host: motor adopts IP55 protection grade, brake parts and electromagnets adopt IP55 protection grade, etc

Specification of GRACES-HD Heavy-duty Escalatos

Lifting height range/m3≤H≤25
Use segment length/m--
Tilt angle/°27.3/30
Nominal width/mm1000
Nominal speed/m/s0.5/0.65
Applicable environmentIndoor/Outdoor
The type of workPublic transport heavy-duty type
Handrail structureVertical armrests
Stainless steel diagonal armrest
Drag methodVVVF
Startup modeFrequency conversion low speed
Frequency conversion self-starting
Number of horizontal steps as standardH≤6m4
Pedal depth/mm as standard--
Additional brakesH≤6mYes
Truss deflection≤1/1500
Safety factor for moving parts≥8

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