IFE Moving Walks

IFE Moving Walks

Moving walks, also known as conveyor belts or travellators, are horizontal or inclined belts that move continuously in a predetermined direction, allowing people to walk or stand on them while being transported to their destination.

Different IFE Moving Walks

Inclined Moving Walk

IFE Elevator introduces the T2 Inclined Moving Walk, a cutting-edge solution for facilitating smooth and efficient vertical transportation in various settings.This inclined moving walk is designed to comfortably transport passengers between different levels, providing both convenience and ease of use.

Horizontal Moving Walk

IFE Elevator presents the Horizontal Moving Walk, an innovative solution designed to seamlessly transport passengers through large spaces horizontally. This moving walk system offers a convenient and efficient mode of transportation, ensuring smooth and comfortable journeys for individuals.

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Moving Walks Working Principle

Moving Walks Working Principle

The moving walkway is driven by an electrical control system that drives the pedals and handrails to move, allowing passengers and shopping carts to ride from the bottom up or from top to bottom by holding the handrail.

How To Choose The Capacity Of Your Moving Walks?

  • The nominal width of the moving walkway pedals and the nominal speed of the sidewalk determine the maximum conveying capacity of the escalator.

  • When using a shopping cart or luggage trolley, the conveying capacity is reduced by about 80%. 

  • For moving walkways with pedal widths greater than 1m, the conveying capacity is not increasing, because the user needs to hold the handrail, and its additional width is in principle for shopping carts and luggage carts.

How To Choose The Capacity Of Your Moving Walks?
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