Another Overseas Classic Project! Expand the Field of Australian Schools

IFE Elevator has won numerous classic projects in overseas rail transit, housing and other fields. In the field of schools, it has been established in ANHANGUERA University in Brazil, Ethiopian University of Science and Technology, National University of Science and Technology in Iraq, and Science City in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Recently in the field of school, and IFE elevators add classic case - Australia Ohana College project.


Ohana College project is located in Queensland, Australia and mainly through setting up a series of courses, a rich learning experience for the students to meet social expectations, course requirements, and complex needs of life in the 21st century. IFE elevator provides a stable high quality passenger elevator JOYMORE - 7 and ensuing services, security, convenient travel escort for the teachers and students, the project has passed the test customer demanding quality standards.

Strict quality standards, build trust

In the elevator safety components and fire protection level, the Australian standard is much stricter than national standard, the product test and acceptance of work of rigid to the extreme, also IFE elevator strictly controls product quality. JOYMORE - 7 passenger elevator adopted by Europe, Singapore, Russia and other countries standards certification with 2 hours of fire-rated doors, and tailor Dewhurst for project US95 specified button, satisfy the latest EN81-20 and Australia AS1735 standard, for the safe and stable operation of the elevator, win the trust of customers.


Strong localization ability, quick response of spare parts 

Since 1998, IFE Elevator has entered the international market. Now it has more than 50 global subsidiaries around the world, creating an international operation platform to provide one-stop service for global customers before, during and after sales. Moreover, it has set up a local installation team in its subsidiaries and accumulated profound experience in local project execution.

In Australia, IFE elevators have its own installation team, they know about local project installation technology standard is, carry out efficient professional. At the same time, we have built a digital operation platform from product design to installation and after-sales links to quickly connect with various needs of the project, quickly respond to spare parts, and achieve efficient and high-quality delivery of the project.

IFE elevator products have passed the quality certification in Australia, the United States, Russia and other countries, as well as the smooth implementation and delivery of large public construction projects such as international airports and subways, which is the best proof of the strength of IFE products, and also strengthens the label as a global trusted brand. In the future development road, Being safer, convenient and reliable transportation services, IFE elevators showcase the strength of China's elevator brand.

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