T2 Inclined Moving Walk

GRACES is outstanding for is beaulful appearance and superior performance. The specially designed combs and escalator structure ensure the entire escalator more firm and anti-slip. 

inclined moving walk 2
inclined moving walk 2
inclined moving walk 3
inclined moving walk 5

Features Of T2 Inclined Moving Walk

  • The diversilied specification of GRACES not only offers for various malls but also used for railway station, airport and subway with public heawy duty characters. GRACES (ravelator/moving walk) is designed for heavy taffic areas which incduded the airport, metro station and subway. 

  • It features a space-saving, environmentally sound design.

Specification Of T2 Inclined Moving Walk

Lifting height range/m1.5≤H≤9.5
Use segment length/m50
Tilt angle/°40494
Nominal width/mm800/1000
Nominal speed/m/s0.5
Applicable environmentIndoors
The type of workNormal type
Handrail structureVertical armrests
Drag methodY-△/VVVF
Startup modeStandard single speed
Standard self-starting
Frequency conversion low speed
Frequency conversion self-starting
Number of horizontal steps as standardH≤6m--
Pedal depth/mm as standard266.67
Additional brakesH≤6mNo
Truss deflection≤1/750
Safety factor for moving parts≥5
Built On Quality, Bloomed On Novelty.
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