2023 Global Elevator Industry Summit Held in Shanghai, IFE Honored with Two Distinctions

Recently, the 2023 Global Elevator Industry Summit was held in Shanghai. Senior executives and experts from different fields of the global elevator industry gathered here to discuss the current situation and future development trends of the elevator industry. Mr. Luo Aiming, the president of IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD, as a partner of the organizing committee, was invited to attend this summit.


During the summit, President Luo Aiming of IFE delivered a keynote speech on the theme of "The Era of Chinese Brands Has Come." He expressed that since 2023, the concentration of the real estate industry has increased, especially the accelerated growth of central state-owned enterprises, which has changed the competitive landscape of the elevator industry. Industrial parks, as a key focus supported by local governments, will provide development opportunities for our elevator industry's industrial solutions. At the same time, from the perspective of international market demand, there will be a great development space in the infrastructure sector. In addition, the support of ASEAN's exports to China and the continued implementation of the "Belt and Road" policy will not change China's core position in exports. With the weakening impact of the pandemic, export growth is expected to increase.


Furthermore, he also shared the growth of IFE. Over the past 36 years, IFE has always adhered to the service concept of providing value for customers, focusing on core technology and leading product development to strengthen the company's overall competitive ability. It has grown from Dongguan to the whole country, from China to the world, and has become an excellent national elevator brand.

During the conference, IFE, as a large-scale professional elevator company listed on the A-share market in China, was honored with the titles of "Top 10 Chinese Elevator Manufacturers 2023" and "Annual Elevator Product 2023" based on its manufacturing strength and technological breakthroughs. Among them, IFE has won the "Top 10 Chinese Elevator Manufacturers 2023" for three consecutive years.

China's manufacturing power is rising and transitioning from the "world's factory" to a "strong manufacturing country." As a Chinese elevator brand, IFE has the A-level qualification for manufacturing, installation, renovation, and maintenance of special equipment issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. It has three major production bases in China, not only meeting global advanced technology and product manufacturing standards, but also achieving intelligent online testing, intelligent production operations, and intelligent warehousing transportation and distribution, greatly improving elevator production capacity and product quality.


Through continuous technological breakthroughs, IFE has obtained nearly 300 authorized patents and become the first Chinese elevator brand to put the independently developed 10m/s high-speed elevator into commercial use, breaking the technical barriers in the high-speed field for foreign brands. The product selected for the "Annual Elevator Product 2023" is the IFE high-speed elevator - METIS-HS.


Honor is built on strength,

Embarking on a new journey full of challenges and hope,

IFE will follow the trend of industry digitization,

Continuously forge product quality and service excellence,

And strive to become a "trusted global elevator brand."

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