IFE Elevators Selected for "Top 100 Chinese Brand Innovation Development Models"

In order to deeply summarize and review the brand building experiences and development achievements over the ten years since General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discourse on the "Three Transformations", and to explore new ideas and paths, on May 7, the China Brand Magazine, which is managed by the State Administration for Market Regulation and stationed in Beijing, hosted the 8th China Brand Development Forum series of activities in Beijing.


The forum, themed "The Decade of the Three Transformations", showcased the enormous changes in Chinese brands over the past ten years in an all-round way. The "Top 100 Exemplars of Chinese Brand Innovation and Development" list was released on-site, aiming to establish exemplars for the innovation and development of Chinese brands. IFE Elevators, as an outstanding representative in the Chinese elevator industry, has been recognized for its strength and added another brilliant achievement to its list of honors!


Hoisting the sail of the times, advancing with the trend of the times. Over nearly 40 years of remarkable history, IFE Elevators has transformed from being unknown and untrusted initially to now earning the trust of global customers. The past decade has also witnessed the journey of Chinese enterprises transforming from "Made in China" to "Created in China", from "Chinese speed" to "Chinese quality", and from "Chinese products" to "Chinese brands". With its strength, IFE Elevators has consecutively featured in the CCTV program "China Made" and the "China Brand Archive" for two years, becoming a Chinese elevator brand that has consistently maintained a leading position in exports for multiple years.


Since its establishment in 1987, IFE Elevators has been rooted in Dongguan, known as the "manufacturing capital of the world", investing heavily in technology research and development and manufacturing, accelerating technological innovation and product performance upgrades. To date, it has obtained more than 300 independent intellectual property rights and patents, independently developed a 10m/s ultra-high-speed elevator and pioneered its commercial application; its freight elevators have broken through a load capacity of 50 tons, aligning with international advanced levels, among other achievements.

As a Chinese elevator brand, IFE Elevators has undertaken the responsibility of Chinese manufacturing going global, leaving numerous high-quality projects around the world. The Philippine government's super project, which accommodates over 1.2 million people and is led by an investment exceeding 6.17 billion, the iconic project of the China-Indonesia Belt and Road Initiative—the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway, the first hydropower investment project included in a joint statement by the governments of China and Pakistan—the Karot Hydropower Station in Pakistan, and more, tell the story of Chinese brands with technology and strength.

This time, being named one of the "Top 100 Exemplars of Chinese Brand Innovation and Development" is a recognition of IFE Elevators' strength and brand value by the industry. As a large A-share listed elevator company with international competitiveness, it will continue to be committed to technological innovation, quality improvement, and service optimization, becoming a brand that is more trustworthy and respected, and writing an even more splendid brand legend.

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