Entering the Mid to High Level Residential Market in Western Australia with Collaboration from the Largest Apartment Developer in WA.

As a globally trusted elevator brand, IFE has left its footprint in over 60 countries and regions. In the beautiful city of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, it has once again partnered with Finbar, the public listed company in Australia, and the largest apartment developer in Western Australia. Together, they are building THE POINT SPRINGS RESIDENCE project, introducing 2.5m/s gearless high-speed elevators into the mid-to-high-level residential market in Australia.


THE POINT SPRINGS RESIDENCE: a high-end apartment project


Dianella Apartment

The largest real estate developer in Western Australia

FINBAR, the largest apartment developer in Western Australia, has successfully delivered 6655 apartments in a total of 75 iconic projects, boasting an impressive 100% delivery record. THE POINT SPRINGS RESIDENCE is a high-end residential project crafted by FINBAR in Perth, the capital of Western Australia. The international top elevator brands have participated in the bidding for this project.


To speed up the beautiful life in Perth

Perth, the Western Australia's capital, which is the fourth largest city in Australia, this project is strategically located to integrate Perth's renowned outdoor landscapes with the enviable urban lifestyle.

IFE provides the high-quality JOYMORE-7A gearless passenger elevator and a mature integrated solution for this project, exploring the fusion of modern business and rural charm, empowering high-quality living. With a high-speed elevator speed of 2.5m/s, it accelerates the beautiful life of Perth, a world-class city.

IFE in Australia, partnering with Spring Gully Developments to create the Bassendean Gardens Hotel, becoming a local landmark. It has also secured the Karratha Airport project, becoming another high-quality benchmark in the public transportation sector! The first Chinese national elevator brand exports to the high-speed elevator project in Australia - King's Square.


Karratha Airport project in Australia


King's Square in Australia


Waterford Plaza in Australia

In the future, IFE will continue to deepen its presence in Australia and global cities with more innovative and mature technical solutions, as well as more professional and efficient services.

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