Better Together: "Four-Wheel Drive" Towards the Future

From 2020 to 2022, despite a challenging market, IFE has made significant progress with its extensive cooperation partners, achieving remarkable results. To honor each essential partner, the 2023 IFE Global Partner Annual Conference with the theme "Better Together" successfully concluded on July 12, 2023,


IFE President Luo Aiming, Marketing Director Bai Haoyu, and other leaders, industry guests, as well as agents from all over the country and global core agents from Russia, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc., gathered in Kunming, Yunnan to celebrate the event, reviewing the past achievements and exploring a new future together!


1. Growth Against the Trend

Joining Forces to Build Glory

In the past three years, IFE has explored potential market opportunities. It achieved significant growth in specialized areas such as industrial parks and cooperation projects with top 100 developers, providing nearly 2,000 elevators for Wan Yang Group projects alone. In overseas markets, IFE successfully delivered major projects such as the Indonesia Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway constructed complied with Chinese high-speed railway regulations, the Mumbai Metro Line 7 in India, and a residential construction initiative of one thousand units located in Saudi Arabia.


Under the transformation of product operation and market strategies, escalator and home elevator sales have experienced explosive growth. With innovative technology and product strength, IFE has won more than 30 honorary awards, including "Top 10 Suppliers for Government Procurement Elevators" and "Preferred Supplier for 2022 Real Estate Development Enterprises' Comprehensive Strength Top 500" and so on.

Market performance and honors are inseparable from the concerted efforts of our cooperation partners. To set an example and lead, IFE held a ceremony to gather five major honorary awards, uniting different markets with a shared belief, fostering mutual understanding and moving forward together.

2. Heading Towards the Future

Four Dimensions to Empower Development

To better adapt to the ever-changing market environment,IFE has released its sustainable development strategic plan for 2023-2025. It is committed to exploring the market together with its partners and building a globally trusted elevator brand image, thus greatly boosting partners' confidence.


To expand the market together,we will focus on both category and regional markets ,continuously deepening the industrial park market and simultaneously expanding the rail transit and upgrading elevator market with government support, jointly exploit a larger market.

To innovate products together, in-depth research on engineering needs in various countries worldwide will drive product development and technological innovation, continuously bringing forth "new" products and enhancing the core competitiveness of the company.

To provide excellent services together, in the post-elevator era, services will be the key to a company's future success. IFE will implement six major measures, including efficient response, considerate services, financial service support, CRM management system, MES system project end-to-end services, to create more value.

To strengthen the brand together, leveraging the image of IFE's mascot, Xiaoyi, the 36-year-old national brand concept of IFE will be deeply rooted in people's hearts. Simultaneously, increased investment in brand marketing will enhance the brand's influence in the industry.


Being together will lead to a better future. IFE will never stop moving forward! Starting a new journey, IFE will work with its partners with enthusiasm, efficient actions, and the courage to forge ahead, jointly creating a brighter future for the Chinese national elevator brand.

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