IFE Honored as "Top 500 Preferred Supplier of 2024 Construction Supply Chain Comprehensive Strength · Elevator Category" Top 10, Etc.

IFE Elevators' technical strength and performance in the fields of residential real estate, commercial office buildings, urban renewal, and industrial real estate have once again been recognized by the industry.

On March 20, the "2024 Building Supply Chain Enterprise Comprehensive Strength TOP500 - Preferred Supplier Service Brand Evaluation Research Report" was officially released in Beijing. IFE Elevators, with iding comprehensive strength, ranked among the top 10 suppliers of elevators in the 2024 Building Supply Chain Comprehensive Strength TOP500, and with a 20% brand preference index, it firmly holds the top position in the industrial elevator sector. It was also selected as a "5A Supplier" in the 2024 China Real Estate Industry Association Supply Chain Big Data Center.



IFE Elevators Ranked First



The evaluation report, conducted by the Zhongfangyouchai platform, was based on rigorous market research, aiming to evaluate suppliers and service brands in the construction field with strong competitiveness using a scientific, fair, and objective evaluation index system and evaluation methods. The evaluation dimensions cover operating data, project performance, supply level, green products, user reviews, patent technology, brand influence, and risk management, focusing on the five major capabilities of supplier participation in project construction productivity, product strength, service strength, delivery strength, and innovation. The selection aims to advocate for enterprises to build a low-risk, resilient, high-quality supply chain, and to solidify the foundation of the engineering market development.

As one of the representatives of Chinese national elevator enterprises, IFE Elevators has always adhered to a "technology first, market-oriented, and design innovation" approach to drive high-quality development. Understanding the core needs of the industry, experts consider factors such as delivery time, quality, experience, and operating costs to tailor more scientific solutions for projects, including residential solutions, home elevator solutions, industrial park solutions, commercial complex solutions, etc. Continuously deepening in stability, greenness, innovation, service, integrity, and high standards, providing strong support for the new quality production capacity of construction, and thus gaining the long-term trust of many top-tier real estate companies, leaving behind numerous exquisite sample projects in the global market.

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