IFE: Thriving in the Industrial Park

The construction of modern industrial parks holds significant importance in driving industrial growth and enhancing economic competitiveness. Amid the trends of digital technology, green environmental protection, and intelligence, the upgrading and transformation of industrial parks are imperative.

IFE ELEVATORS has accumulated rich service experience in the field of industrial parks and boasts a range of technologically advanced products including heavy-duty freight elevators, high-speed freight elevators, and passenger elevators. We specialize in providing customized and scientifically advanced solutions for different types of industrial parks such as pharmaceuticals, warehousing logistics, electronics, and machinery, facilitating the efficient operation of the parks. Our efficient construction methods ensure maximized benefits.

Today, let's follow IFE and explore the extraordinary achievements of IFE ELEVATORS in various fields of industrial parks in China!

Warehousing and Logistics Industrial Park

Collaborating strategically with Vanke's subsidiary, Vanwell Logistics 

Jointly constructing numerous modern warehousing and logistics parks

Vanwell Logistics is an independent logistics brand under the Vanke Group and a leading player in the cold chain storage industry. With comprehensive strength ranking among the top tier, it boasts the largest scale of cold chain storage nationwide. Through cooperation with IFE ELEVATORS, projects such as Vanwell Langfang Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd., Vanwell Langfang Economic Development Zone Cold Chain Project, Dongguan Dehua Coatings Co., Ltd., and Vanwell Kunming Economic Development Zone International Import and Export Trade Port have contributed significantly to the construction of modern logistics hubs.


Huilong Intelligent Warehousing (JD.com)

High-standard Warehousing and Logistics Park under JD.com

As a leader in China's e-commerce industry, JD.com continuously improves its automation and intelligence levels by establishing intelligent warehouses. This move aims to further enhance logistics efficiency and reduce costs. IFE ELEVATORS provides efficient and convenient vertical elevator solutions for logistics areas, helping to increase the turnover rate of goods and providing strong support for the sustainable development of e-commerce enterprises in the park.


Electronic Machinery Industrial Park

Guanghui International Watch City 

One of the Largest Watch Industry Chain Bases Worldwide

A Key Project of Qingyuan Municipal Government, Guangdong Province 

Empowered by 66 Elevators from IFE

With a total investment of 6 billion yuan, the project will enable local residents to experience high-quality services from top domestic and international watch companies without leaving the city. It will set a new benchmark for the industry nationwide and even globally. IFE ELEVATORS provides tailor-made vertical transportation solutions to create an energy-efficient, safe, stable, intelligent, and convenient vertical transportation network for the industrial park. This will drive the upgrade of the industrial chain in Qingyuan city.


Pharmaceutical Biology Industrial Park

Huyan Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd. Project

Great Bay Area Life Sciences and Health Innovation Valley

National innovation center for biomedicine and health industry in the Greater Bay Area

With a total investment of 5 billion yuan, covering an area of 238 acres, with a total construction area of 500,000 square meters, it is a high-impact life sciences and technology industry investment highland, and a benchmark for national-level industry transformation in the Guangfo Twin Cities. IFE ELEVATORS provides 52 high-performance passenger and freight elevators tailored for the project to meet the cargo transportation needs of the pharmaceutical technology park.


Yuqi Valley (Biopharmaceutical) Industrial Park

A project by China Communications Construction Company, a Fortune Global 500 enterprise

A key construction project in Shandong Province

China Communications Construction is a state-owned listed company. The industrial park has a total planned investment of approximately 2.5 billion yuan and is a biopharmaceutical industry cluster integrating research and development, production, warehousing, and logistics. IFE ELEVATORS  provides a series of products including freight elevators and passenger elevators, along with professional and mature supporting service solutions, to help build a key construction project in Shandong Province and lay a foundation for successfully opening the local market.


Modern Agricultural Industrial Park

Yuedong's Largest Modern Agricultural Product Logistics Park

Yuedong Sanke Agricultural Product Logistics Park

Agricultural Upgrade Demonstration and Leading Project in Guangdong Province

Invested by returning entrepreneurs, the project has a total investment of 3 billion yuan, covering an area of 400 acres. IFE ELEVATORS, with high-quality passenger elevators and freight elevators, provides efficient and high-quality services, strongly promoting the construction of modern logistics parks and setting a benchmark for the high-quality projects invested by entrepreneurs to lay a foundation for comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with entrepreneurs.


Yuanlin Healthy Food (Zone B)

Guangdong Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park

Industry Benchmark in the Greater Bay Area

The first prefabricated vegetable full industrial chain implanted and concentrated construction project in Guangdong Province, IFE ELEVATORS, with brand strength, quality services, and product quality, has won this project to provide comprehensive solutions with METIS-CR1, ATLAS-T3, and ATLAS-T8 passenger and freight elevators, ensuring high-quality and smooth delivery of the project, helping to promote the rapid development of regional agricultural industries.


Smart Automobile Manufacturing Industrial Park

The nation's first "skyscraper factory"

Shenzhen Pingshan New Energy Vehicle Industrial Park

New Industrial Multi-storey Building Project

The project is a new industrial building integrating production, office, research and design, covering an area of 107,800 square meters, with a maximum building height of 152 meters. The building is equipped with a vertical freight transport channel, making it easy for large trucks to directly transport and load and unload on the third floor. New energy vehicle production equipment and products have very high requirements for vertical transportation conditions. IFE ELEVATORS, relying on its mature experience and strong brand strength in heavy-duty large-tonnage freight elevators, becomes a cooperative partner for vertical transportation solutions in this "Skyscraper Factory."


Fashion Smart Manufacturing Center

Tian'an Smart Valley

Red Run Valley Science and Technology Industrial Park Fashion and Beauty Center

Demonstration Project of Guangdong Province's Investment Promotion Platform

IFE ELEVATORS jointly constructs with 160 elevators

IFE ELEVATORS and Qingyuan City's leading industrial real estate enterprise, Qingyuan Tian'an Group, jointly built Tian'an Zhigu. Tian'an Zhigu is a cluster of high-end equipment manufacturing and fashion cosmetics industries, a benchmark for national park construction and industry landing. Among them is the Redun Valley Technology Fashion and Beauty Center.


Intelligent Home Industry Chain

Lin's Wood Industry Home Components Modularization and Intelligent Warehousing Project

Creating Elevator Engineering Models for the Home Furnishing Industry

Lin's Wood is a benchmark brand for new retail in the home industry, ranked among the "2022 Asian Brand 500." It has over 1,000 offline stores globally. IFE ELEVATORS provides customized passenger and freight elevator solutions tailored to meet customer needs, with wide cabin, large load capacity, and large door opening elevator design, making it convenient for goods to enter, running more smoothly, ensuring safe goods transportation, helping to create a model of the home industry elevator project and leading the high-quality development of home logistics services.


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