The China Railway Indonesia Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway Project Department Has Sent a Letter of Commendation!

In May, the joint debugging and testing of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway, in which China Railway Group participated, marked a major progress in the construction of the railway. The Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway is the first high-speed railway in Southeast Asia, and it is a landmark project of the "Belt and Road" initiative and the pragmatic cooperation between China and Indonesia, which made a stunning debut at the G20 Summit at the end of 2022.

As the contractor of the escalator equipment project for the Dekalur Station of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway, IFE ELEVATORS has successfully completed the G20 exhibition and joint testing, laying a solid foundation for the full opening of the high-speed railway and promoting the international development of China's high-speed railway. Recently, the Indonesian project team of China Railway Group sent a letter of commendation to IFE, highly acknowledging its excellent performance and service concept during the construction process.


IFE provided passenger elevators and sightseeing elevators JOYMORE-7A/7B, as well as the GRACES-LD series elevators with a maximum lifting height of 12 meters for the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway project. These solid products with high performance and safety demonstrated the manufacturing strength and technical power of IFE as a representative of Chinese elevator brands.


The construction site of the escalator equipment project at the Dekalur Station has a complex environment, and the project team faces disadvantages such as tight schedule and cross-construction by various parties.IFE fully cooperated with the project team's management,providing timely and effective solutions based on the actual situation on site and the design, thus efficiently promoting the implementation of the project.

For example, the elevator and escalator shafts at the site have been built, but the projected lengths of the escalators on site didn’t meet the requirements of standard products, with the maximum difference being close to one meter. However, the elevator had to be connected to the civil foundation and bearing so the civil structure cannot be changed. After on-site surveying, IFE provided a solution that meets the standard requirements without changing the civil structure. In addition, two construction managers from IFE worked closely with the Indonesian construction team, working overtime together to ensure the quality and control the progress of the project at every level, finally completing the project with high quality.

As a preferred supplier for overseas "The Belt and the Road" state-owned enterprises, IFE has successfully delivered all Belt and Road projects, including the first investment project - the Kalot Hydropower Station in Pakistan, the largest public transportation project, BRT Dhaka Airport Road Upgrading Project in Bangladesh, and the largest social housing project in the Maldives - 7,000 units of social housing project. It has won customer trust with its efficient and professional performance, consolidating the international reputation of Chinese elevator brands.

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